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We have lots of great conversations, we'd love you to us. Is it even possible to "date" anymore? January 17, PM Subscribe Okay. I'm thirty years old now. I am reasonably mentally sound and healthy. I am a single man. Again, I'm not really looking to date right now.

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

I haven't been on a date in years. I was in a LTR for a while and I'm not really ready for an LTR again, but I suppose that eventually I will be, maybe a year or so from now, and I'm a little worried about what my situation is going to look like then. Some of this probably comes from realizing I'm thirty goddamn years old and I may have passed the point where it is possible to meet a partner organically, i.

When I dated before, my experiences were generally negative. There were some interesting dates and a few short-term relationships, and while I don't exactly regret any of it, I think I largely ended up spinning my wheels dating women that were very clearly not a good match, and getting emotionally torn up over people who, in retrospect, were clearly not interested in me, or who were not good for me.

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

I think I kind of knew this at the time, but I was lonely and wanted to date, so I went along with whoever would date me. I also I did not ever really learn the proper courtship rituals, if such things still exist, because I never dated in high school or college. All of which is to say, I suck at this. I've done the online dating thing before and met my ex from my recent LTR on a dating site. The recent LTR was really my only real, serious relationship.

Before that I had a few several month long things that fizzled out or ended for a specific reason. One woman broke up with me because I said I wasn't sure I wanted to get married in the timeline she specified — this came suddenly, like she had realized halfway through an interview that I wasn't qualified for the position.

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

In the other short relationship, she just kind of stopped calling me and then broke up with me on a cigarette break because she thought I was boring. That sure made me feel great. But I was in a LTR for almost four years. My ex from the LTR talked me into moving in with her about a year after we met, and I was hesitant, but I finally agreed after she more or less gave me an ultimatum — move in with me to keep the relationship "moving forward" or we break up.

So i did. One of the major sources of pressure in that relationship turned out to be our mismatched expectations of how quickly the relationship was going to progress. I think she had an understanding that I would propose to her shortly after we moved in together because.

We never really sat down and talked about in clear terms. It seemed to be assumed. She often talked about getting married "someday" and questioned me about it all the time. When I asked if she meant soon she always said oh, no, when we're ready, I don't want to put pressure on you, etc. But then in fights it always came up — "You're never going to propose to me, are you?

Later, when we were in the process of breaking up, she admitted that she thought we moved in together too soon. I shouldn't feel like I'm being dragged into a relationship But that's Supercool guys click here for dating ltr how every relationship I've been in has gone after a few months — my autonomy has slowly disappeared until I ended up just scratching my head and feeling like I'd been bullied or tricked into the whole thing. What started out as two people getting to know one another soured under the pressure to "move forward" with some abstruse Plan that I was never made privy to.

Just what is going on here? I know that often relationship advice says that patterns like this mean you're self-selecting partners who exhibit some quality you're fixated on. I guess you could read the above as confessions by someone who doesn't want to commit, but I have been perfectly faithful to all of my partners in the past, and I do not think I am a commitment-phobic person.

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

I am not a "player". I'm not even really a serial monogamist. I have gone long stretches of time with zero partners, and I'm perfectly content being single. I would like to be married someday, if I meet the right person; and if I don't meet the right person, then I guess I don't. It's really about the quality of the relationship to me. But in every relationship, there's always been this sort of interrogation, this Realpolitik power struggle, which makes me very emphatically not happy in the relationship, so I pull away, and it collapses.

Is it even possible to slowly develop a romantic relationship with a person without being slotted into their pre-ordained Plan?

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

I feel like most of the time dating isn't really dating, it's just interviewing for a position. There's an opening in the Husband department, let's bring in some guys to try to fill it, serious applicants only. Seems reasonable to me to let things happen organically. A friend of mine met her girlfriend by ringing the wrong buzzer while looking for an apartment. And they are perfect together and are now engaged. No tortured jockeying for position, no dating profiles, no games.

How do I make that happen? It just seems like the odds are overwhelmingly, ridiculously against me. I am Sisyphus. I want to officially declare that I am a confirmed bachelor now rather than waste a bunch of time on horrible dates only to end up settling for someone and slowly falling back into the same pattern. I do not want to follow that path again. I want to find a kindred spirit, somebody who really understands me, who I feel a connection with, someone who wants to be with me just because and not because I meet some pre-determined criteria.

Unfortunately, I rarely feel such Supercool guys click here for dating ltr connection, and most of the time it's with a close friend. The whole experience of dating to me is and has always been such a toxic, profoundly demoralizing exercise, I just cannot fathom going through it again, especially not the online dating meat-market.

So, uh, am I doomed to be alone the rest of my days or what? Should I just go adopt a herd of cats and be done with it? Have fun being you, spend time with good quality friends. Be open to new experiences, travel, drink, do something artistic and allow yourself to be introduced to single people that your friends think you might like.

Remember that wisdom and relax. If you're happy being alone, you're in the right hepace to not settle for the wrong fit in a partner. All is not lost. Go forth and have some fun. Rebrand yourself lifepanels and you'll be bonza. You'll find someone. You seem to be worried about being in this pre-ordained script written by someone else I can't imagine you were truly happy with them.

So yeah, it is entirely possible to just date and see where things go You can't force a meet-cute. You basically just have to be out there in the world and not at home and be open to it, not looking for excuses. So don't settle. That is entirely in your power.

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

Know what your feelings are. Acknowledge them. Speak them to yourself.

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

And if you don't want to be with this person anymore Move on. With your words. It re to me like you did a poor job of communicating to the women you've dated what you wanted out of the relationships and are now acting like you had no say in how quickly or slowly things progressed. If someone presents you with a timeline of what they want from the relationship, discuss it with them. Best answer: It just seems like the odds are overwhelmingly, ridiculously against me.

Supercool guys click here for dating ltr

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