Huge ass womens

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Rubbish this isnt ass this are tiny little bum South Africa has the best n biggest ass in the world No, the african girls are fat, its diferent of being hot! Go to Brazil on carnaval in you will see the buggest assess in the world!

Well you white men Huge ass womens small dicks And your white women are flat no ass no tits. All the girls above are skinny in my country. Actually it kinda is and may become its own country again quite soon again in the near future. Brazil will be breeze against any other country or against all together. Spend a carnival in Rio and you will break your neck looking sideways to see the most beautiful booties on planet earth.

That's shit lying cause they don't Huge ass womens the best countries have the best ass. Indian women have monstrous booties it's just that they don't show them There's a girl in my class she is big fit and her single ass is about the size of her single buttcheeck is bigger than a basketball for sure ,she plays basketball and I have seen her holding it near her big butt many tomes.

Its impossible Colombia beat Brazil, Brazilian women asses are bigger, tanned n with the bikini mark. Go to Brazil at the carnival and you will see the hottest asses in the world! I speak from experience! African girls are fat, not hot!

Goes to Brazil for u unserstand what really is a hot ass! You white me. Have small dicks African women are not fat Some are but not all. Go to Brazil during Carnival to see the hottest asses from all over the planet! You seem not to have seen African assets. I advise you to review your list. Its different! Just look at the Brazilian girls asses, they have the most hot asses! Bullshit really!! Y'all tripping with this booty ish Africa in general has the best trunks.

Huge ass womens

Y'all seen South Africa and Tanzania?? No, no country in world beats brazil in the best ass category! Most of the African girls have fat ass, and not hot ass! Brazilian women asses are simply perfect! Especially the ones from Bali. Dear writer, most of the African girls are fat, and its different of being hot! The ideal standard of hot asses are those of brazilian girls! Man true, I really admire such ass in supermarkets when they bend to pick up thighs they dropped down Wanna discuss more? South Asian women has big butbuttocks. I traveled to China, India and Indonesia.

The Indians have a good buttocks. What I could not believe was that many Indonesians had big backs, most of them women. Another thing is that even women in these countries do not care much about their bodies.

Huge ass womens

I can not believe it Because I thought only the women I saw had big asses. That's true I think Brazil is one countries of big buttocks I agree with u! Many of woman in Africa are fat, and not hot! For me Brazilian women have the most hot asses in world! These are the countries with the largest buttocks women in Asia 1.

All african 3. Colombia 4. Mexico 5. Spain 6. Italy 7. Yeah, I don't think anything really tops an African country. Especially in term of natural genetics. Colombia should not be in the ranking! The colombian hot Huge ass womens are the exception to the rule, most of then are fat and so much ugly! Brazilian women have the biggest asses I've seen in 30 years of life! They are the perfect compromise between being fat and being thin, they are simply the ideal standard for a hot woman!!! Many women in Huge ass womens are actually fat, and not hot!

You need to understand the difference between a fat ass and a hot ass! For me hot ass really are those of Brazilian girls,they have the best ass I've seen in my life! I can assure you that your comment is demonstrably false. A lot of those big booty African ladies are in great shape. And unlike Brazilians, their butts are not surgically enhanced. African woman in good shape? My gf is Colombian. Guess you're to tiny to reach.

Brazilian women has the most hot butt I've seen in my whole life! Brazil with all certainty in the world occupies the top 1 of the ranking, I had the pleasure of seeing the most perfect asses in the world when I went to the carnival. The only ones that I think are fair to be on the list are Brazil, Dominican Republic and Jamaica, the rest was very forced.

Huge ass womens

Yeah, I dated a woman from Indonesia. She was a pint-sized 4'9", but had a ridiculously juicy butt given her size. However, I'm a little surprised that there's not one African country listed. Especially Kenya or Uganda. African women stink and too aggressive in behavior. Dated two of them but they are all same. Black gold diggers! Seems they don't take bath properly and hesitate to clean themselves too often! Love african food though! In the list it's only 3 girls i find with big ass, others are babies ass.

I think latin girls has the best ass, then india and then arab and indonesian girls. Guys lemme tell u something, you guys are more biased toward the European, Brazilian, African and some countries ass. Okay I accept Africans have big ass - They are stiff, hard, popped up evrthing fine But underestimate Indian ladies. I have traveled almost 13 counties but trust me I have never seen a Buttocks like what I have seen in India, the amount Huge ass womens flesh they have over their back enhance their whole figure from back.

Nowadays still some ladies there Stitch their own pants just inorder to cover their ass completely. They usually don't expose their body much prolly the reason behind they are really underrated in this topic. Still seeing some ladies in churidar leggings traditional Indian dress especially in side angle wets ur underwear for sure.

Huge ass womens

Now if you still don't believe let's take my mom as an example! She has biggest ass among our family and she struggles a lot to cover them when she goes out for a function or get together. I have seen her ass while sleeping and they are simply humongous and could be said as a alternative for a set of pillow. True they are really beast. I thick i searched for best small asses. Because how the f. You whites are talking about the brazillian carnival. All these butts small Who made this!!!?!

Huge ass womens

This is crap I'm white and I'm in Africa and hell I've never seen such huge booties. These are 8 countries with the best booties in the world! Girls Travel. Anonymous 1 March at Unknown 4 January at Unknown 24 November at Julian 9 February at Unknown 24 February at Anonymous 6 July at Unknown 11 August at Unknown 10 December at Unknown 20 January at Anonymous 7 October at Unknown 24 July at Idk 15 February at Unknown 20 August at Unknown 21 August at Anonymous 21 January at Unknown 17 January at Unknown 31 January at Anibal Rendon 27 January at Unknown 30 September at

Huge ass womens

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